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If you are taking longer than 3 minutes to Service your Hydraulic Heat Exchanges,
our guess is 'You do not own an XL Series LINCOLN WINDROW ELEVATOR'.

Check out the photos of the new 'SWING-OUT HYDRAULIC HEAT EXCHANGER' from Lincoln.
Service your heat exchanger faster and easier.
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Lincoln Paving Products - Patented Material Modifier

Material Modifier

The Lincoln Material Modifier has been designed by Lincoln Paving Products to assist the paving contractor who is bidding or has been awarded a contract by a Federal or State Highway Agency requiring the use of Crumb Rubber Modifier (CRM) or Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA).

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Often times a problem associated with these products is they tend to solidify.

This condition is or can be the result of:

1 - The mixing of binders with the aggregate at the HMA facility.

2 - Heat loss, cooling off of product due to ambient temperature loss.

3.- The use of Performance Grade (PG) binders and long haul distances can result in extreme difficulties with mat clods.

These conditions can cause havoc with the paving contractor when the material arrives at the paving job site.

The Lincoln Material Handler, was extensively tested in California and Texas in 2006, and resulted with dramatic results. Production units are now operating in both states.

During our research at Lincoln Paving Products, we have noticed a trend that many states are requiring night-time paving due to traffic congestion issues. This requirement compounds the already existing problems of product heat loss.

The patented Material Modifier, offered by the Lincoln Paving Products Company, allows the paving contractor the opportunity to increase the quality of a finished mat by as much as 80%!

Material Modifier

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Remote Control Accessory

wireless remote control

Wireless Remote Control

remote with weather-resistant case

Remote with weather resistant case

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Please contact us if you would like for us to discuss the features with you personally.