WE WERE THE FIRST.......The Industry’s Leader

The development of the Lincoln Windrow Elevator was derived from a compilation of pick-up machines dating back to the early 50's. If the names Ko-Cal or Clar Co sound familiar, it’s because that is where it all started. After 50 years of manufacturing what today is the Lincoln Windrow Elevator, we have become the leader in our industry.

All States W.E.S.T. Inc., or All States Windrow Elevator Sales & Technology, is the manufacturer of the most sought after pickup machine on the market today. It is estimated that there are more Lincoln Windrow Elevators on the job sites today than all other similar class of machines combined.

There is truth in the saying, "Companies that have been around a long time must be doing something right." That’s a fact! Much of our success results primarily from dedication to our company’s philosophy. You Take Care of Your Customers and They Take Care of You!

Robert Boyd, owner of Lincoln Paving Products, a division of AllStatesW.E.S.T., has a strong mechanical and civil engineering background, as well as, the ability to communicate with 'people of the trade'. Bob has on numerous occasions been known to visit a paving job site, oftentimes at night, crawling around a pickup machine and talking to crew members about what could be done to improve the Lincoln's performance; to make it more user friendly and/or more productive.
Bob has been quoted as saying:  "In the very early days of my engineering career, I recall a senior engineer saying to me,” 'Bob, when you make a design change or employ a new procedure on a project, do not disregard relevant input from the 'people of the trade'. Even with all our computer data and modern technology, when an old-timer just shakes his head and walks away you had better go back to the drawing board."

How right he was!

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