770 Series



Lincoln Paving Products, the manufacturer of the well established
660XL / 660AXL and 880XL / 880 AXL Series Windrow Elevators
is proud to announce the 770XL Series.

The 770 is comprised of two “Power Pac” models: The 660XL and 880AXL.

The 770 Series is equipped with a QSB6.7 – C173 Tier 4(i) 6 cylinder
EPA Certified 173 HP @ 2400 rpm

The smooth running six-cylinder diesel engine delivers surplus power for two high torque hydraulic motors.   These drive motors drive an up-graded high demand duty cycle gear reducer on both sides of the Windrow Elevator, providing balanced power to the conveyor drive shaft.

The 770 Series drive train design transmits 30% more torque to the conveyor flight assembly.   In addition to more torque, the 770 series will provide ample power to easily operate other attachments such as, the Lincoln “Pug Mill”, Lincoln “Re-mix Auger”, or our newly developed
Lincoln Material Modifier, or also known as the “Clod Buster”
(which is to be used with Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt)


The Lincoln 770 Series Windrow Elevator includes structural design innovations throughout the rear caster frame assemblies. To minimize residual resistance during forward and reverse transitions we have increased the rear caster frame pivot point angles.   The caster frame vertical spindles have been enlarged by 40% permitting an increase in bearing size and bearing life.


  • The 770 will deliver more HMA to the paver hopper than the 660 Series because the conveyor flights are larger and the flight drive train delivers 30% more torque.
  • The larger capacity flights and additional torque from the drive motors permit the paver operator to pick up a much larger volume windrow without experiencing any decrease in conveyor flight rpm.
  • The 770 has an improved weight distribution ratio at the inlet throat of the machine, eliminating machine “float” during heavy lay-down requirements
  • A redesigned transport towing tongue provides ideal fit-up to a wide range of trucks.
  • An improved front-wheel design and wider tire profile provide longer life.
  • Wide assortments of optional features are now available for special job conditions.

The end result is high production, excellent mat integrity,
a smoother ride profile and more uptime!


The Lincoln windrow elevator will provide a continuous flow of material to the paver resulting in increased production and improved material handling, continuous paver operation without stopping for truck exchanges, and reduced trucking costs. Continuous operation improves ride quality by eliminating stops and starts and problems associated with truck exchanges.

 Standard Features

Proven reliable design
Hydrostatic drive system
60" wide - high capacity slat conveyor
94" discharge height for full hopper load
Deluxe safety catwalk
High speed raise and lower to clear obstructions and speed setup
Hydraulic Lift
Rear wheel width allows loading on trailer
Hydraulic telescoping paver attachment for ease of hookup


Hydraulic Plow
Swing-out Hydraulic Heat Exchanger (EZ Clean)
Wireless Remote
Material Modifier (patented)

660 XL
660 XL

Pictures shown are a 770 AXL with a remix auger added

Lincoln 770 AXL

Cummins - Tier 4(i) 6 Cylinder 173 HP Diesel Engine*
Manual Telescope Hook up
Manual Tow Bar and Siderack Adjusting Screws
80 gal. Fuel Tank/55 gal. Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
Bolt on Hydraulic Heat Exchanger (stationary)

Conveyor start up warning alarm
60" wide throat
94" discharge height
Heavy duty roller flight chain
Heat treated flight wear edges
Replaceable two-segment drive chain sprockets
Replaceable hardened floor liner
High carbon alloy cutting edges (adjustable)
Heavy duty head and tail shafts with heavy duty bearings
Reversible elevator to clear obstructions

14" diameter cast Ni-Hard replaceable segments
Left and right-hand segments feed to the center for remixing
Hydraulic motors coupled to auger shaft
Forward/Reverse Control

Telescoping paver attachment
Adjustable up to 24" to position dump point
Adapter fits most pavers

Four wheels have heavy duty caster assemblies
Two 8.25 x 15 - 18 ply pneumatic rear tires
Two 16.25 x 8 Solid Rubber front tires
Swing up towing frame with pintle ring
Rear casters pin for towing

Engine Instrumentation(Ground Level)
Control panels on both sides of the machine include:
Conveyor start up warning alarm
Emergency Stop
Engine increase/decrease
Pump increase/decrease
Cylinders up/down
Hydraulic Side Rack - left / right

Variable displacement pump is directly connected to the engine and drives two fixed displacement hydraulic motors with planetary gear boxes directly connected to conveyor head shaft.
Auxiliary mounted gear pump drives remixing auger, auger lift, and lift cylinders
55 gallon reservoir.

Length (with wings folded in) 17' - 10"
Height 11' - 8"
Travel Width 8' - 6"
Rear tires width outside/outside of tread in loading position 7' - 4"
Front tires stationary width outside to outside of tread 8' - 6"
Operating Width 10' - 0"
Weight 19,000 lbs.


*subject to change